Treatments & Services Costs

We provide a range of dental and facial aesthetic treatments. All treatments are provided at the highest standard and only the best materials are used. The prices listed below are estimate costs. We will explain the actual cost of service before commencing treatment and we provide you with a written Treatment Plan which will include treatment duration, appointments required and costs.


Examination & Emergency Fees

  • Examination £55
  • Emergency visit £40
  • Dental x ray  £10 each


We provide a range of periodontal treatments. These range from hygienist treatments to specialist cases. We are experts in gum surgery and also have our own diode laser surgery equipment to provide modern treatment solutions in advanced disease cases.

  • Hygiene visit for 30 minutes £65
  • Stain removal for up to 45 minutes from £80
  • Periodontal treatment session from £150
  • Surgical Gum treatment including laser treatment £700 per side of the jaw
  • Gum graft up to two teeth from £400


Our dentists are very experienced in the provision of tooth coloured and silver fillings. We use the best available filling materials and take a holistic approach. The tooth coloured fillings are done in a way that they are not recognizable by the naked eye. Please do take a look at our portfolio for examples.

  • Small white filling from £60
  • Medium white filling from £80
  • Large white filling from £100
  • Silver fillings from £40 to £65

Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Tooth whitening and bleaching treatments are provided with the highest grade tooth whitening gels at our clinic. We are compliant with the European regulations and use the recommended products so you can feel safe and comfortable with the procedure.

  • Home Whitening Kit from £350
  • In office and Home Whitening Combo from £500

Laboratory Restorations

These restorations are made by preparing the teeth and then taking an impression. These impressions are sent to the Dental Technician who makes a custom prosthesis according to the patient’s clinical needs. At the next appointment/s this prosthesis is fitted to the tooth.

  • Acrylic Upper or Lower Denture from £375
  • Chrome Cobalt Upper or Lower Denture from £600
  • Porcelain Onlay or Inlay from £325
  • Gold Inlay or Gold Crown from £400
  • Porcelain Crown from £350

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is an advanced treatment that requires care and special equipment. We use the latest research-proven techniques to deliver the best possible treatment.

  • Incisors RCT from £300 to £350
  • Premolars RCT from £400 to £450
  • Molars RCT from £500 to £550

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction could be daunting but our dentists and nurses take this into account. We will make your experience as comfortable as possible and all procedures will be performed in a painfree environment. You will also be provided with replacement options for the extracted tooth.

  • Simple Extraction from £100
  • Surgical Extraction from £175
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £200
  • Sedation Session (*plus treatment) from £150

Facial Aesthetic Treatments

As with cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries involving the facial region, our oral surgeon has taken an interest in providing a comprehensive approach to treating the patient’s face.

  • 2 areas from £220 to 3 areas from £299
  • Hands from £400 and underarms from £400
  • Neo-Vampire Facial Rejuvenation from £250 minimum 3 sessions
  • Fillers per syringe from £300
  • Laser Skin Tag Removal from £99

Dental Implants

The costs can vary depending on many different criteria and your dental situation.

  • Single implant from £650 to £900
  • Single implant crown from £350 to £900
  • Bone augmentation from £195 to £395 per tooth
  • Same-day-teeth (where possible) from £800 per tooth excluding implant cost

0% finance is available please call us for more information.


Teeth Straightening Fees

Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth. It can straighten the teeth and move them into a better position.

At Wycombe Dental Clinic we offer the latest “low-visibility” brace options, which allow you to achieve the perfect smile you desire but without the treatment being obvious to others.

  • Fee per jaw from £1000
  • 0% finance available